Garage Door Opener Basics

Garage door openers do a lot of the heavy lifting. Just for the record, we are not talking about the clicker used to open the garage door with the push of a button from your car! No, we are talking about the device that physically opens and closes your garage WHEN that button is pushed on your clicker.

To most people, garage door openers are an afterthought. However, today’s openers are so sophisticated and effective at what they do that they can contribute to the overall cost of your house when it comes time to sell! We figured it was time for garage door openers to get their time in the spotlight; that’s why we put together this post to explain more about them.

Multiple Functions and Settings 

Today’s garage door openers are more complex than ever, and people who haven’t purchased one recently might be unaware of the settings that many of these machines now have. The latest garage door openers have things like Vacation Mode, Power Saver Mode, and modern security features that can help prevent tampering with your door. For example, models have built-in security lights to flood dark spaces fast. Garage door openers can even connect to Wi-Fi! 

These functions can save you time, money, and even your life in some cases. We recommend looking up your model or contacting The Overhead Door Company® to see what yours can do! 

Safety Sensors 

This helpful feature deserves its own highlight! Garage door sensors can signal when to stop in the middle of its function to your opener. To some, this might not seem all that important. However, this can mean the difference between constant worry and peace of mind for parents with small children. 

Remember that garage door sensors are not perfect and do go out of alignment/stop functioning for many reasons. We recommend having a professional check your garage door sensors regularly to ensure that they are properly communicating with your garage door. 

Different Types of Openers Exist

Yes, there are different types of garage door openers. Determining which kind of opener you need depends on your overall situation and how you are looking to use your garage door. An excellent example of this would be business versus residential use. 

Heavier or commercial doors with more consistent use will call for a specific kind of opener. On the other hand, basic garage doors in a middle-class residential neighborhood can use a more straightforward model. 

How do you determine which garage door opener is suitable for you? We recommend talking to The Overhead Door Company® for this as well. You do not want to purchase and install the wrong garage door opener! Installing the incorrect opener will waste time, cost you money, and cause a severe headache. 

Our expert technicians know which openers go with what door and how to install them! We’ve been doing this for a hundred years, after all. 

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